We're glad to welcome you on the site of our Kennel which is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Our kennel was officially registrated not so long ago, but there were our dogs, our first steps in breeding and years of work before it. Those years were full of love and joy which we were getting from those wonderful dogs - German Shepherds. Our dogs were with us during the hard times in our life and they were teaching us to be fighters as they are. They had made us kinder and taught us to value each new day,  we're spending together. 

Breeding is not our live hood - it is our favorite hobby, but we take it very seriously. Our goal is to produce a beautiful dog with impeccable temperament and sound physical structure, a dog with the spirit, courage, willingness to work in any fields and  a dog which can be a loving family companion. 




We select stud dogs on the basis of their working abilities, temperament and conformation. We carefully research the bloodlines ensuring that the breeding will produce the finest quality puppies. We believe that a breeding must be planned very carefully to improve the best qualities of the German Shepherd

 Natalia Slabodnikova & Darius Zukauskas.